Side Hustle Secrets

Max and Thomas
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Suitable for 9-5 EMPLOYEES or BUSY folks who want to generate multiple streams of side income for yourself…

A quick overview of what you’ll get from this course:

🚀 Present your knowledge and passions to the world, and make $$$ from it by teaching and sharing

🚀 Build an audience of followers who want to learn from you and buy from you… without spending money on ads

🚀 Generate endless content ideas to help you build a personal brand around your area of expertise

🚀 Master different social media platforms and know how to monetize them for income (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

🚀 Overcome your fear of sharing in public, and tame your “imposter syndrome” by being authentic in your writings and reflections

🚀 Diversify and build multiple side income streams, so you have different ways to make money and are not solely relying on only 1 income channel

Who are we? And why did we decide to create this course?

We both come from 9-5 backgrounds and had long working hours, with little free time.

We understand what it feels like to have little time and space for yourself.

Hence, we started sharing our knowledge online even while we still were in our full time jobs.

This was what allowed us to launch multiple side hustles in a short time period, built a huge audience/ following, and generate steady income every month.

So why did we create this?

💪 This “Side Hustle Course” is a side hustle for us too (LOL!), allowing us to generate side income by sharing our knowledge in this area. We eat our own cooking.

💪 We both love teaching and coaching (and we do a pretty good job at it too) 

💪 We feel flattered when we get messages like these from students we teach, so that keeps us going

What makes us different?

🎉 Crossed $100k in revenue in just 6 months from our investing side hustle, without spending on ads (we keep 85% of the profits)

🎉 Thomas has an investing blog that generates a steady 4 figure income each month…

  • a following of 4k on LinkedIn…
  • a following of 44k on twitter…
  • and over 5 million organic impressions on his content every month

🎉 Max has generated a personal income of over $100k in 7 months from his stack of multiple side hustles…

  • by sharing his knowledge online (investing, speaking, coaching and consulting)...
  • a following of over 30k on twitter…
  • over 2-3 million organic impressions on his content every month

99% of people who start side hustles face these frustrations. Can you relate to any?

😭 You lack free time because of work, business, kids, family commitments. So you need something that can be launched even with few spare hours

😭 You have tried selling things online before, but nobody buys because you don’t know how to get traffic or eyeballs

😭 You are scared of being judged by friends and family, and feeling like an imposter

😭 But yet, deep down you believe you have real value to add to the world in your domain, but you don’t know how to even start

😭 You don't know what topics to write or share about, or how to get content ideas 

😭 You are unsure if your side hustle ideas can make money, so you want to learn how to validate it before spending time to launch

Introducing… Side Hustle Secrets

A LIVE Course That Teaches You Step By Step How To:

1️⃣ Get endless content ideas to share your knowledge/ passions online

2️⃣ Build a following and audience who like you and want to learn from you

3️⃣ Monetize your content in multiple ways by teaching or writing or speaking

Module 1: Side hustle strategy and game plan

💪 Why you don’t need to worry about “finding a niche” and how to let it find you instead

💪 How to reduce downside risk and avoid spending too much time on a single side hustle idea

💪 Creating multiple income streams with a side hustle stack, to diversify your income sources

💪 How to reduce the uncertainty of income being unstable and inconsistent from a side hustle

💪 How to validate whether a side hustle idea will work or not before you dive in further

Module 2: Content writing tips and hacks

✍️ Strategies and tactics to publish content with ease 

✍️ How to overcome imposter syndrome, shyness, fear of sharing in public, and all sorts of inner chatter holding you back

✍️ How to get content ideas almost daily, without having to spend hours cracking your head on what to share/ write about

Module 3: Traffic - LinkedIn mastery

👩‍💼 How to build a following and go viral on LinkedIn

👩‍💼 How to make your post and content useful for others and build a personal brand while sharing your knowledge

👩‍💼 What content types work best on LinkedIn, and how to use it to build your network

Module 4: Traffic - Twitter mastery

🐤 How to reach a global audience and have a wide reach using twitter

🐤 Strategies and templates to create threads that go viral

🐤 How to get people to follow you even if you have a tiny following and are new to this

🐤 How the twitter algorithm works and how to take advantage of it

Module 5: Traffic - Facebook mastery

📘 How to use FB to generate awareness and attention for what you are knowledgeable in

📘 How to use it to build a personal brand around your expertise

📘 How to use FB to test ideas and validate your side hustle ideas

📘 How to find your niche and see what resonates with people purely from FB posts

Module 6: Monetize - Email marketing

📧 How to build an email list that you can promote to over and over again

📧 How to channel traffic from your social media platforms over to email so you own them forever

📧 Ways to make money by sending emails to your subscribers

Module 7: Monetize - Blogging and subscription

✒️ Making money from your blog by monthly subscription

✒️ What kinds of content work best to get people to pay you a monthly recurring fee

✒️ How much to charge and how to deliver value so people continue to stay subscribed

Module 8: Monetize - Course creation

🎓 Strategies to launch a course within just 2-3 weeks, with minimal time commitment

🎓 How to create an outline for your course, and know what to teach and share about

🎓 Tools and software we use to run this

Module 9: Monetize - Pricing, packaging, promotion

💰 How to price your products and services so people will buy?

💰 Should you charge high and take in a few students, or charge low and go for volume?

💰 Marketing and promotion strategies to monetize your audience

💰 How to validate an idea before you launch anything, so you don’t waste time making something that flops

💰 How to get customers to pay you before you even make the product?

What This Course is NOT About:

❌ This is NOT a get-rich program. We cover skill sets and mindsets only. The results and outcomes of your side hustles will definitely be different from ours

❌ This is NOT about building a startup or running a full fledged business. The key is to keep things lean and run this side hustle with just a few hours a week. 

❌ This is NOT about becoming a social media influencer and posting “thirst trap” photos. The focus is on sharing thoughts and reflections to attract people to your way of thinking.

❌ This is NOT about building a following just for the sake of being popular. Our end goal is to make money and have side income streams that really put food on the table for you and your family.

❌ This is NOT a technical program. We will not be going into details of where to click and what to click. 100% of the focus will be placed on the strategy. You are expected to be decent with computer skills and know how to find technical answers online

❌ This is NOT a mentorship or coaching program. We will only focus on education, and there is no post-program support and community. You are expected to be independent and a fast learner

WHO Is This Course Most Suitable For?

✅ 9-5 employees with little free time or people who are super busy, and can only afford a few hours a week to do something at the side

✅ You’ve always wanted to share your ideas and knowledge with the world, but do not know how to do it or feel shy to even get started

✅ You are not yet sure what topics to talk about or where your expertise lies in, but deep down you know that you eventually want to share stuff with the world and make money doing so

✅ You want to become known for something you are good at, build a personal brand around it, and network with others who share similar interests

But This is NOT for Everyone. Do NOT Come Aboard If…

⛔️ You expect lots of hand holding and support. Like mentioned above, there is no post-program community nor technical coaching. This is focused only on education.

⛔️ You don't have basic English skills. This isn't an English class, and you don't need perfect English to go viral. But you do need to have basic writing skills.

⛔️ You are NOT willing to engage and participate. We plan to make our classes fun and interactive, so you will need to turn on your cameras, do some activities, speak up, and also do some simple homework during the session. If you are unwilling, then this is unsuitable.

⛔️ You are closed minded and think you already know everything :(

How Much Will This Cost?

$297 USD

We initially planned to charge at least $500 for this…

But since this is kinda like a passion project for us (as we both enjoy sharing and teaching and listening to our own voices), and this is the first time we’re trying this…

We’ll offer it at $297 for a limited time.

Logistics You MUST Take Note of

Dates of the course: 23-25 Sep (Friday to Sunday)

Time of each session:

Singapore: 730pm to 10pm (Friday), 10am to 7pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Australia: 930pm to 1200am (Friday), 12pm to 9pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Sessions: 3x live Zoom sessions from Fri to Sun

Content availability: All sessions will be recorded and made available to you forever. So if you cannot make it for any session, not an issue! You’ll still be able to catch up.

Instructors: Max & Thomas

Strict Expectations: You are expected to turn on your video camera on Zoom and participate in the activities and discussions, to maximize the learning experience. Failure to comply will get you removed from the class.

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Side Hustle Secrets

17 ratings
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